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The Father's Table


The Father's Table produces high quality entrees, breads and IW solutions for breakfast, lunch, snacks and after school meals.  Our products We are privileged to support domestic and international charities benefiting women and children.  We donate 50% of our profits to this mission, which is now more critical than ever.  We process USDA commodity cheese to stretch your purchasing dollars.

Mozzarella Sticks * Nacho Bites * Loco Bread * Personal Pan Bread * Bread Sticks * Strawberry Bites IW * CoCo Chip Bites IW * Triple Chocolate Cookie IW


Mozzarella Sticks 77070

Mozzarella Sticks - Reduced fat * Reduced Sodium * 5 sticks = 2 M/MA, 2.25 GR * Incredible stretch * Great hold time * Commercial or Commodity * Great for hot carts

Personal Pan Bread - The Ultimate Carrier 01178
Nacho Bites - 77044  

Eat Smart, Do Good - At Home and Around the World

Smart Solutions for Traditional and Grab n' Go

IW Shelf Stable Breakfast and Snack Options

Why We Do What We Do


John Hicks
Region Manager

School Nutrition Association of Wisconsin
563 Carter Court, Suite B, Kimberly, WI 54136
Phone: 920-560-5630 Email: