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NutriStudents K-12



NutriStudents K-12 helps foodservice directors run profitable, USDA-compliant, efficient school nutrition programs with a 30-week rotation of student-approved lunch menus for every NSLP age category and productivity tools to speed behind-the-lines tasks. For emergency and modified feeding programs due to COVID-19, we also offer menu options for grab-and-go, meal delivery and cafeteria or classroom-served meals.

  • Full 30-week rotation for all K-12 age groups. RD-certified to all USDA guidelines and widely accepted by students of all ages.
  • CookBook instantly scales step-by-step recipes for the day or week.
  • USDA Administrative Review Support ensures nutritional compliance.
  • Automated Breakfast Menu Builder saves time & increases revenue.
  • DataBites™ Inventory and Order Management System saves hours each week.
  • USDA Commodity Calculator: accurately plan commodity use in just 15 minutes.
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