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Since 1990, National Food Group has built lasting relationships with our customers by providing high-value, high-quality food products for a full range of meal patterns and budgets. You can rely on us for food industry expertise, buying prowess, and a dedication to providing top-notch customer service.

Zee Zees was born out of our love of providing healthier options that kids will truly enjoy! Favorite flavors and creative characters combine to drive increased participation and satisfy kids of all kinds - especially picky eaters. Zee Zees are nut free and innovatively designed to meet school meal requirements. Many kinds of meal pattern options available.

We’re about two things here at Zee Zees – three if you count having fun – but mainly making good foods and making them in good ways.

Wholesome ingredients, interesting ways of putting them together, a full serving of fruit or veggies when we can and a helping of common sense, tied together in one big bursting-with-flavor bow. That’s what we’re about.  

With Zee Zees It's Z'all Good!



Zee Zees Spicy Sunflower Kernels

What’s got a flavor that kicks back and is a great source of plant-based protein? Our Spicy Sunflower Kernels! Eat this grab-and-go snack straight from the bag, sprinkle on a salad for a spicy crunch, or add to tacos for added protein and heat.


 Zee Zees Wheat Crackers

 Zee Zees Taco Hummus

 Zee Zees Spicy Watermelon Applesauce


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