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Donovan Food Brokerage represents a vast array of products that help meet the ever changing needs of the K12 segment. Whether it is clean labels, fun packaging or an ethnic flare, we have products that will increase participation in your lunch program. Our K12 specialist, Jenny Thorkildson, is happy to share ideas, samples, and regional successes to ensure student satisfaction.


Country Pure Foods offers fruit and/or veggie juices in a variety of container options. CPF is also the maker of the bright and colorful Sidekick slushies that are made in Wisconsin.

Celebrations Sidekick 2020-2021 Order Form

School Sidekicks

$5 Aug/Sept Sidekicks Rebate

$3 Sidekicks Rebate

2020-2021 Sidekicks Calendar

VBlend-New Red Orange

2020 K12 Product Overview


Daisy offers clean-labeled sour cream and cottage cheese in a variety of sizes. Whether it's for a recipe or a topping, we have great options for K12.

Daisy K-12 Recipes

K-12 Cottage Cheese Point of Sale

Sour Cream Nutritional

Darlington Snacks makes nut-free, all natural, whole grain snacks in a variety of fun, flavorful 1 and 2 grain offerings.

Darlington School Sell Sheet 2020

Darlington School Snacks Nutritional Chart 2020

DeWafelbakkers offers individually wrapped, nut-free, 2 grain pancakes with no artificial ingredients. Bright and colorful packaging attracts students.

De Wafelbakkers 2019-2020 Full Line Point of Sales 


Diamond Crystal Brands produces a vast array of flavorful sauces and dips in brightly colored portion control packaging. DCB also makes puddings, gelatin, gravies and much more to help create the perfect K12 recipe.

Better for You Dipping Cups and Packets

2020 School Brochure

True Citrus Point of Sale


Grecian Delight specializes in fun, ethnic foods that students love, like Gyro, Hummus, and Falafel. They also offer a variety of gluten free and vegan offerings that are sure to spice up your menu.

K-12 Sell Sheet

Plant Based Meatless Sell Sheet


Home Market Foods, the maker of our popular Eisnberg mini hot dogs, also produces veggie meatballs and chicken options that are CN labeled and contain wholesome ingredients.

K-12 Home Market Foods


Hormel Health Labs helps ease the worry and concern of pureeing foods at schools by producing shaped purees that meet the fruit, grain, protein and veggie offerings for students on specialized diets.

Shaped Purees 


Jenny Thorkildson
K12 Specialist

School Nutrition Association of Wisconsin
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