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School Lunch for All Campaign

Tuesday, July 7, 2020  
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As you know, millions of children across this nation depend on schools to provide access to their only guaranteed meals each day. This everyday reality, coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic, means that come fall, even more children will rely on this access to school meals as a result of widespread unemployment and financial challenges.

School Lunch for All is a national public campaign produced by Galaxy Gives and The Soze Agency, in partnership with the Urban School Food Alliance, to ensure that school meals are provided, free of charge, to every K-12 student in America for the upcoming school year and/or beyond. "Partnering with the Urban School Food Alliance, we are thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with them in this effort and learn from their years of experience within the school nutrition space. Collectively, we believe that no student should go hungry at school and that school nutrition programs should not rest on policies that lead to financial strain, public shame, or debt in exchange for meals."

With a scheduled launch date of July 9th, this campaign will center on intertwining a narrative campaign with targeted legislative demands, ultimately laying the groundwork for overarching reform. We are also determined to use our campaign to amplify and extend the work of so many leaders, such as yourself, who have been driving the charge for years.

The campaign will kick off with a few simultaneous efforts including a more expansive site and a petition sharing the story of 6-year old Anya Howard and her personal experiences with lunch shaming last fall and formally announcing a partnership with actress, producer, and entrepreneur, Marsai Martin, from ABC's Black-ish, who will be sharing an impact story. We have also been collaborating with student-led organization, Student Voice, who has already amplified some of the campaign's early work alongside their recent effort to redesign the future of schools.

In weeks following the launch, we will continue to collaborate with additional influencers and well-known figures and exploring opportunities to produce a virtual event to amplify our campaign. We encourage everyone to meet with their respective legislative officials to discuss taking action and helping drive systemic change.

We have the impact and expertise of Galaxy Gives and the Soze Agency but cannot do this without our stakeholders. To broaden our reach and ensure our government officials recognize the need for immediate, nationwide change, we are seeking to develop partnerships with organizations, community leaders, and those directly impacted by this outdated system. The 20-21 academic year is about to start so the window of time is extremely short. At this time, we are sending this letter to inform stakeholders about the initiative. We encourage you to:

1.  Read through our campaign petition and browse the current campaign landing page
2.  Maintain active engagement throughout the campaign in areas such as:

a.  Support and amplify campaign and petition through network outreach
b.  Consult on future efforts tied to legislative reform efforts
c. Provide feedback on future campaign efforts

After our campaign launches, we would welcome any organization to:

3.  Agree to be acknowledged and listed alongside our other campaign supporters and partners.
4.  Contact Alexandria Hunter (Soze Group) to confirm your support or with any questions.

a,  We also ask that you provide a high-resolution PNG file of your organization's logo to include on the updated campaign website as a recognized partner.

On behalf of Katie Wilson, thank you!

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