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No Kid Hungry Chronic Absenteeism Report

Wednesday, February 5, 2020  
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Nearly 8 million students a year are considered “chronically absent,” meaning they miss at least three weeks of school per year. School officials around the nation are focused on finding ways to reduce this number. Many schools, however, already have an effective, powerful tool at their disposal – school breakfast. A new study, conducted on behalf of No Kid Hungry by researchers from the University of California Santa Barbara, found:

  • Serving breakfast as part of the school day can reduce chronic absenteeism by an average of 6 percentage points.
  • For context, holding all other factors constant, a school where 22% of students are chronically absent (the average in the schools studied) could see that drop to 16% after implementing Breakfast After the Bell.
  • And while the focus of the study was absenteeism, exploratory analysis also found that Breakfast After the Bell led to improvements in reading achievement and “internalizing behaviors,” such as anxiety, loneliness and sadness among students.

We will be sharing this report with educators, reporters, partners and researchers around the nation. We would love your help in getting the word out on social media:

New research shows that serving breakfast as a part of the school day is a powerful tool in reducing chronic absenteeism among students. Learn more 👉

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