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Legislative Committee Members testify at AB84 Hearing

Friday, May 31, 2019  
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On Thursday, May 30th, the legislative committee's very own Bobbie Guyette and Kerri Mallicoat testified on behalf of SNA-WI for AB84 - the "Lunch Shaming Bill". They did a truly excellent job. Their testimony was essential to providing a comprehensive understanding of the full scope of the bill and the negative effect it will have on the financial solvency of school meal programs. 

The hearing lasted over two hours. It began with the bill author's providing testimony. It was clear based on their testimony as well as the questions they were asked that while their intentions are good, their understanding of the ramifications are not. 

Kerri and Bobbie's testimony commended the bill authors for being sensitive to this issues and bringing attention to school meal programs while explaining much of what the bill stipulates is already required by federal law. Additionally, the parts that are not federal law would significantly hamper school district's ability to recover costs incurred by bad debt. 

Their testimony sparked some good and challenging questions from committee members. Kerri and Bobbie handled all questions very well. Big thank you to both of them for testifying and thank you to everyone who helped craft our message on this bill.

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