Breakout Session Information

We have great sessions set for Annual Conference in La Crosse this year! 

As we confirm speakers and session topics, we will post the information to this page. Here you will be able to find speaker bios and session descriptions. We hope this helps you to make early decisions on what you'd like to attend!

CEU information will be available at the conference after all sessions have been evaluated. 

Monday June 26

Breakout Session A 
Cooking Tips and Suggestions
Motivated to Lead
Fire Prevention & Warning Signs  
Resource Management:Annual financial report
Building Support in your Community for School Meals
Food Production for Healthy Living and Education

Breakout Session B
Cooking Tips and Suggestions (repeat)
Motivated to Lead (repeat) 
CPR Basics
What's Shakin' with Sodium
What is a CN Label?
Food Production for Healthy Living and Education (repeat) 

Breakout Session C
"Compliance" Portion Control
Working with your Brokers
First Aid Basics
Site-based Claiming for Monthly Lunch Claims
What is a CN Label? (repeat)
Customer Service  

Keynote Speeches 

Marilyn Hurt, SNS (Monday 12:15pm)
History of School Meals

Marilyn Hurt, former director of the School Nutrition Program in La Crosse and school lunch historian will weave the story of our association into surviving and tackling today’s challenges.  Knowing the lessons of history is of key importance in preserving our programs for today and future generations.


Jerry Ackerman (Wednesday 1:25pm)
Servant Leadership: Moving Two Inches 

We often think of leadership qualities as it deals with the accolades, power, and the glory associated with it.  In this keynote, Jerry Ackerman clearly explains how servant leaders operate in stark difference to those qualities.  In "Servant Leadership: Moving Two Inches", hear how three specific areas of life drive a servant leader.  These areas of life help shape who we are, how others view us, and whether we are being an effective servant leader.